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Accountancy Job Redesign Toolkit

The guide for you to transform your accounting, tax, and audit functions through job redesign.

Accountancy Job Redesign Toolkit

Transforming accounting roles through Job Redesign

The accounting profession has been evolving quickly over the past few years with the access to digital tools. While the digital tools are important, we also know that simply procuring technology without looking at the job and the people is not the most effective way to digitally transform your organisation.

Job redesign is a method of transforming accounting roles by putting the people and job first and selecting key technology solutions to empower the people to work more efficiently and effectively.

Transforming accounting roles through Job Redesign

How can the Job Redesign Toolkit help you?

  • Explore how to do Job Redesign

    Explore how to do Job Redesign

    If you are ready to go through your own JR journey, click here and find out how.

  • Plan for change

    Plan for change

    Are there key stakeholders that are resistant to your ideas? Access this guide to manage this change effectively in your organisation.

  • Prioritise Automation

    Prioritise Automation

    Want to know which tasks can be 70% more efficient through RPA implementation? Explore now.

  • Upskill your people

    Upskill your people

    Browse our training roadmap to identify courses and training that is right for people in your organisation.

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Case Studies

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RPA and job redesign in the accounting sector

Job Redesign

Small accounting firm transforming their bookkeepers

One of the difficulties in carrying out a technology implementation is upskilling the current staff to upgrade their digital literacy of the tool. Find out how the small accounting firm did this.

Job Redesign

Mid-tier accounting firm furthering their digitalisation through key automation

RPA can often act as a bridge for your already existing system. Learn how does one of Singapore’s mid-tier firm use it!

Job Redesign

Small accounting firm implementing RPA to automate their XBRL filing

A key but repitive task is putting together the XBRL report and filing of the report through the ACRA system. One accounting firm has automated it through RPA.

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