Four main steps in the change management journey

Four main steps in change management


Aware (“I know what this change is and why it's important.")

Step 1 : Ensure that staff know what the change is and the reasons for change. By keeping people informed, you involve them in the process, increase buy-in and manage potential misunderstandings.

  • Email communication
  • Information briefings in meeting
  • Informal chats

Understand (“I understand how the change will impact me.")

Step 2 : Everyone should understand how the change impacts

  • Change impact analysis
  • Question and answer sessions
  • 1-on-1 discussions with relevant stakeholders

Accept (“I am accepting of this change to occur.”)

Step 3 : It is critical to guide staff involved in the change to a place of acceptance.

  • Involve them in testing and problem solving
  • Provide training to upskill for RPA and other skills identified

Commit (“I am committed to support this change in whatever ways I can.”)

Step 4 : People who are committed to this change can be identified as Change Champions to support the project manager in pushing for change.

  • Include in communication and implementation of change
  • Support in initiatives to roll-out technology changes
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