Introduction to Job Redesign and toolkit

Introduction to Job Redesign and this toolkit

The Job Redesign Toolkit aims to provide a self-help guide in carrying out job redesign independently
by providing you with our research, framework and templates.

What is Job Redesign?

Simply put, job redesign is a process for us to break down a job into its parts, identify ways to improve them, and redo the job design with higher value tasks. To do that, we look at the business process, technology, and finally, the job itself.

What is Job Redesign

Why do Job Redesign?

It's not news that the world is changing and digitising at an accelerating pace. However, simply implementing technology without thinking about how it affects people and their jobs would lead to tools being abandoned.

The aim of job redesign is to optimise processes and implement new technologies to meet changing business demands, increase job value and improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

How to start my journey in redesigning my roles?

Each organisation has different starting points in their job redesign journey depending on the
organisation's maturity. Our process guides you from the very beginning through the diagnosis stage of
identifying your business processes and task time to planning for implementation of the technology
solutions you have chosen. Start your journey here!

Welcome, let us show you around

Let us show you around!