Overview of Key learnings of implementation

Key learnings of implementation

There are a number of key learnings from our pilot project involving bookkeepers from various small-medium accounting practices for you to consider as you embark on your job redesign journey.

new job in the company

A new job in the company

  • Redesigning jobs in individual parts ignores the interdependencies within an organization as a whole.
  • Critical to understand the redesigned job in its entirety from inputs (i.e. information) to process to outputs (i.e. goals).
  • Test the job in a pilot project before implementing it to the entire organisation to understand the real impact of the changes and to collect feedback. For example in a small accounting firm, include 1-2 bookkeepers in the team in the pilot project for 3-6 months before rolling it out across the entire organisation.
Role Overload

Role Overload

  • Adding additional tasks to the job without, at the same time, decreasing other tasks through automation or changes in business process will not succeed.
  • Role overload, role conflict and role ambiguity may result in employee dissatisfaction.
  • It is important to also manage expectations. It is likely that in the first 1-2 months post redesign, the staff will be need time to adapt to the changes that has been implemented. During this time, it will be good to provide encouragement and not punish them for loss of performance during this learning curve.
Long term effects

Long-term effects may differ from short-term effects

  • Long term outcomes are likely to be different from short term outcomes as efficiency increases over time. As previously mentioned, there will be a significant learning curve period for the staff which will impact the short-term outcome
  • The organisation should evaluate changes on a periodic basis to make adjustments and make improvements to the redesign as necessary.
Individuals different

Individuals are different

  • Each individual differs in terms of attitude, beliefs and values.
  • “Good Fit” contributes to motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Critical to understand preferences of the employees to be able to plan a change management interventions.
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