Generalist-Tech-capable Accounting Solution Executive

Tech-capable Accounting Solution Executive

The tech-capable accounting solution executive manages the client’s accounting needs, from bookkeeping to payroll and tax. The role is augmented by RPA and other technology solutions which automates many of the transactional tasks being carried out.

How this role is evolving

Tech-capable Accounting Solution Executive

Skills Implication

New Knowledge and Ability

Work FunctionsSkills impactedNew KnowledgeNew Ability
Perform accounting servicesDigital Literacy (RPA)RPA software (e.g. UiPath)1. Understand limitations of RPA
2. Be able to spot common errors and report issues appropriately
3. Execute RPA scripts assigned
RPA ManagementDigital Literacy (RPA)RPA software (e.g. UiPath)1. Troubleshoot and/or debug simple errors to produce desired output
2. Intergate RPA script to client’s context
Perform additional financial services*Financial statement analysisRatios for profitability and performance1. Perform tasks related to accounting solutions
2. Process business transactions and reports using information technology tools
3. Identify client needs for accounting solutions
4. Stay relevant to the different accounting solutions available
Payroll processingPayroll process
Corporate secretary complianceCorporate secretarial process
Tax complianceTax filing process
Client managementStakeholder managementStakeholder relations in project management1. Analyse and interpret feedback with appropriate techniques
2. Address mismatched areas of expectations and refer to relevant project authorities for advice
Business acumenLatest global developments, regulatory and legal requirement of client’s industry1. Assess the relevance of regulatory and legal requirements to the clients’ financial reporting

*The expectation is for the accounting solution executive to pick up each of these skills over time, with guidance from more experienced members of the team.

Interaction Mapping

Future (Tech-enabled Bookkeeper)
Interaction Mapping Future (Tech-enabled Bookkeeper)

*RPA champion can be an independent role or subsumed under the Senior Accountant role depending on the organisation context.

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Future (Tech-capable Accounting Executive)
Tech-capable Accounting Solution Executive Future (Tech-capable Accounting Executive)


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