Specialist-Tech-enabled Bookkeeper

Tech-enabled Bookkeeper

Tech-enabled bookkeepers shift their focus on manual execution to managing and validating the RPA scripts and their outputs. This role enables bookkeepers to use and manage RPA with their accounting system to maximise efficiencies and should be seen as an interim role in the job redesign process prior to taking on a tech-capable bookkeeping role.

How this role is evolving

Specialist Tech Enabled Bookkeeper How this role is evolving
Specialist Tech Enabled Bookkeeper legend

Skills Implication

New Knowledge and Ability

Work FunctionsSkills impactedNew KnowledgeNew Ability
Perform accounting servicesDigital Literacy (RPA)RPA software (e.g. UiPath)1. Explain flow of RPA scripts.
2. Pick-up RPA error messages.
3. Execute RPA scripts for all accounting solutions.
RPA ManagementDigital Technology Adoption and InnovationRPA software (e.g. UiPath)1. Troubleshoot and/or debug simple errors to produce desired output.

Interaction Mapping


Tech-enabled Bookkeeper Interaction Mapping Current
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Future (tech-enabled Bookkeeper)

Specialist Tech Enabled Bookkeeper Future

*RPA champion is a role that can either be its own job or merged into the Senior Accountant job depending on the context of the organisation.


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